A patent search is conducted by an experienced patent searcher on your invention using various U.S. and foreign patent and publication application databases. The purpose of this search is to discover ‘prior art,’ i.e., issued United States & foreign patents and published patent applications that are similar to your invention, thereby to assist you in determining your course of action with your invention.


We offer inventors and entrepreneurs 100% honest feedback on the inventions submitted. Our evaluation criteria take into account the various aspects that have historically made inventions successful in an effort to help you avoid unnecessary expenses early in the process. If improvements need to be made, or if the invention has low marketable value, you know sooner than later. We want you to have your best chance!


We offer inventors and entrepreneurs 3rd-party outside legal consultation and engagement including provisional, non-provisional and design patent services, trademark and copyright services. Or, you may select your own representation that you are most comfortable with.



We also offer inventors and entrepreneurs new product innovation concept and development assistance including art renderings and 3D prototype services, marketing and licensing, and promotional materials to assist with self-marketing.  



We believe that good products have the best chance at success beginning with good concepts following tried and true processes. We know there are many challenges that for which specialized & timely services are strategically needed, and within a limited budget.

We know many inventors falter along the way and often trust in companies that may not have their best interests in mind and spend their hard-earned money but don’t help them progress forward in a positive direction. Our process is intentionally designed to take the worries and stress out of the invention development process to make your journey enjoyable.

Product Analysis and Evaluation

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will provide a patent search followed by a product evaluation before any other services are purchased.  We firmly believe this approach is the most honest and ethical way to best serve our customers and gives them the best chance at success.  

Filing Your Patent Protection

With a quality patent search and product analysis in-hand the next logical step is to seek patent protection. We are happy to team you with a 3rd party Patent Attorney or Patent Agent for all necessary legal services or you can engage with the legal representative of your choosing. 

New Product Concept and Development

We are pleased to offer help with further developing your product for its intended market via providing renderings and 3D virtual & physical prototype services, and patent illustrations.

• Renderings bring your invention to life virtually such that potential licensees can visualize your invention ‘in use‘.

• Using our 3D prototyping services offers you the ability to model your invention for manufacturing.

• Our professional patent illustrations provide you and your Patent Attorney or Patent Agent with a great head start on your patent application. We can provide Provisional and/or Non-Provisional USPTO compliant drawings to accelerate your process timelines and keep your expenses well within budget.

Marketing and Licensing Assistance

Marketing and Licensing Assistance is available through our team, or we can provide you with marketing materials so you can small-market to as many companies as you’d like to contact.


We only work with products that have great potential novelty and are suitable for selling in the market to make you money. There are no guarantees your product will be successful, but we will ensure you have the best possible presentation, along with professional and proactive marketing efforts.

We believe in transparency and don’t pretend to be experts in everything, rather we do what we do well and work closely with our network of trusted professionals who have the experience & expertise to get it done! We offer our services a la carte such that you can pick and choose what you need and remain within your budget. We also offer cost-effective bundled services and outline exactly what you will receive with each purchase.

“I never did anything by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work.”

-Thomas Edison


Patent Search: $299

A patent search will be performed for the purpose of finding the most relevant existing U.S. & Foreign Patents and Publications. This step is crucial to determine if your invention appears to be new, useful, and non-obvious.

A patent search is often the first thing that is done in the patent process.  The purpose of a patent search is to determine how different an invention is from what already exists in the ‘prior art’.  A patent search benefits the inventor by identifying the closest prior filed patents and publications so that a determination can be made of both how patentable the invention appears to be, and also what specific parts of the invention are the most different from the prior art.  A patent search can also reveal that the inventor’s invention has already been made, even if the invention has never been commercially available for purchase.  


Product Analysis & Evaluation:  $399

The purpose of this evaluation is to give you some valuable feedback as to what strengths and weaknesses your invention may have early in the process to assist you in determining your course of action with your invention before spending any more money. 

Most of our clients purchase the Patent Search and Product Analysis & Evaluation Package in order to save time and money, and to get the process started as quickly as possible.

New Product Concept & Development Renditions:  $449

In order to effectively market your invention, you should have the best images possible to present to prospective licensees or purchasers. We offer 5 high quality virtual images that will show how your idea will look as a real product.  Our in-house professional design team will work directly with you to design your product and bring it life.

Patent Illustrations:  $399

Our professional patent illustrations provide you and your Patent Attorney or Patent Agent with a great head start on your patent application. Based on the information you disclose we can provide 5 Provisional and/or Non-Provisional USPTO compliant drawings to accelerate your process timelines and help keep your expenses well within budget. If additional drawings are needed we can provide a quote based on the complexity of your invention. We are able to provide these for your Attorney or Agent or for those that wish to self-file their application.

Marketing & Licensing Assistance:  $399

Companies are always looking for new products.  Whether you feel comfortable self-marketing your product on your own, or if you prefer a marketing firm to contact companies on your behalf, we can assist with both!  We will provide you with all the marketing materials needed, including a professional sell-sheet that you can send directly to companies, a blank non-disclosure form that can be sent to prospective companies that you contact, and a copy of a licensing agreement.  Additionally, our marketing firm can assist with full company contact, licensing and negotiations.  We will always provide you with company information and any feedback they may provide to us about your product.

We also offer all services above in individual packages with cost-effective savings!  


Patent Search & Product Analysis Package $599.00 (Savings of $99.00)
  • Patent Search
  • Product Analysis & Evaluation
Gold Marketing Assistance Package $998.00 (Savings of $99.00)
  • Professional Sell-sheet
  • Proactive Marketing efforts to 25 companies within your product category
  • Marketing updates provided
  • 5 Renditions
  • 1 YouTube Video, posted to our YouTube channel
Silver Marketing Assistance Package $399.00
  • Professional Sell-sheet
  • Proactive Marketing efforts to 10 companies within your product category
  • Marketing updates provided
Bronze Self-Marketing Package $199.00
  • Professional Sell-sheet
  • Product promotion email
  • Product promotion letter
  • We will provide you with 5 companies to contact


We encourage all inventors to do what they do well and invent! Submit your best version of your invention today!  Simply drop us a line about your project and one of our Innovation Specialists will contact you. Your initial consultation is free and confidential!

We value your confidentiality and upon submittal a signed Non-Disclosure Document will be sent to you.

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 20 files.

We value your confidentiality and upon submittal a signed Non-Disclosure Document will be sent to you.

Disclaimer: *Your potential patent rights may be adversely affected by any attempt to commercialize your idea or invention before a patent application covering it is filed. Nonconfidential disclosures of your idea or invention may also trigger certain statutory deadlines for filing a patent application in the United States and would prevent you from obtaining valid patent rights in countries whose law provides that patent applications must be filed before there is a public disclosure.

This contract between you and the invention developer is regulated by law. The invention developer is not qualified or permitted to advise you whether protection of your idea or invention is available under the patent, copyright or trademark laws of the United States or any other law. This contract does not provide any patent, copyright or trademark protection for your idea or invention.

If your idea or invention is patentable, copyrightable or subject to trademark protection, or infringes an existing valid patent, copyright or trademark or a patent, copyright or trademark for which application has been made, your failure to inquire into these matters may affect your rights to your idea or invention.XYZ Invention Co. offers no legal advice as to whether your idea is patentable or not. Legal advice may come only from a licensed patent attorney or patent agent. XYZ Invention Co. offers no guarantee for licensing or monetary success through Product Analysis and Evaluation services.

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