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Many inventors ask us how to start an invention. We suggest having a patent search done right at the start of your journey. At Innovation Development Team a patent search is conducted for free by an experienced patent searcher on your invention using various U.S. and foreign patent and publication application databases. The purpose of this search is to discover ‘prior art,’ i.e., issued United States & foreign patents and published patent applications that are similar to your invention, thereby to assist you in determining your course of action with your invention. Your patent search is free and you are under no obligation. We have searched many invention ideas over a wide range of industries. We wholeheartedly believe this is how to start an invention and a relationship working together. We feel that all of our clients deserve to start from an informed position before we even begin discussing how to get a patent.

We offer inventors and entrepreneurs a free patent search and evaluation on the inventions submitted with 100% honest feedback. We don’t want to waste your time or ours! Our evaluation criteria take into account the various aspects that have historically made inventions successful in an effort to help you avoid unnecessary expenses early in the process. If improvements need to be made, or if the invention has low marketable value, you know sooner than later. We want you to have your best chance!

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Many inventors inquire with us how to get a patent for an idea or how to patent an idea. We offer inventors and entrepreneurs referrals to 3rd-party cost-effective outside legal consultation and engagement for filing your provisional patent, provided it seems appropriate. Or, you may select your own representation that you are most comfortable with so they can show you how to patent a product. The Patent Agent or Patent Attorney will assist you as to how to submit an invention application to the USPTO. We perform no legal services and you should engage with the patent practitioner of your choosing. Ask us how to start an invention. We’re happy to help.


We also offer inventors and entrepreneurs marketing materials for your product after you have a verified product or prototype (virtual or tangible), one which you can professionally showcase to the potential buyers and manufacturers. We provide you with a comprehensive current industry list so you can approach them with the marketing materials provided to get your deal. With our system you’ll have a professional product website that you can confidently show to sell your invention.


Licensing Assistance is available through our list of referral Licensing Attorneys or you can select the licensing Attorney of your choice. It is very important that you are able to negotiate favorable terms and safeguard your best interests on any licensing agreements you enter. If you’d prefer to manufacture your product we provide a list of US and Foreign manufacturers, distributors and retailers specific to your product and industry.


OUR PROCESS — The Mars Rising ‘Way’

We believe that good products have the best chance at success beginning with good concepts following tried and true processes. We know there are many challenges that for which specialized & timely services are strategically needed, and within a limited budget.

We know many inventors falter along the way and often trust in companies that may not have their best interests in mind and spend their hard-earned money (or invention funding) but don’t help them progress forward in a positive direction. Innovation Development Team and Mars Rising are reputable invention companies. Our shared process is intentionally designed to take the worries and stress out of the invention development process to make your journey enjoyable.


We. like Mars Rising, only work with products that have great potential novelty and are suitable for selling in the market to make you money. There are no guarantees your product will be successful, but we will ensure you have the best possible presentation for your professional and proactive marketing efforts to maximize your chances and minimize your risk. We want you and your invention to be successful!

We believe in transparency and don’t pretend to be experts in everything, rather we do what we do well, provide inventors assistance, and work closely with our network of trusted professionals who have the experience & the expertise to get it done! We offer a simple, tried and true process, teaming with you to get best results.

“I never did anything by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work.”

-Thomas Edison


Patent Search: 

A free patent search will be performed for the purpose of finding the most relevant existing U.S. & Foreign Patents and Publications. This step is crucial to determine if your invention appears to be new, useful, and non-obvious. If it doesn’t appear to be novel we’ll let you know early on in the process and you’ll not waste unfruitful effort, time & money.

A patent search is often the first thing that is done in the patent process. The purpose of a patent search is to determine how different an invention idea is from what already exists in the ‘prior art’.  A patent search benefits the inventor by identifying the closest prior filed relevant patents and publications so that a determination can be made of both how patentable the invention appears to be, and also what specific parts of the invention are the most different from the prior art to give you good direction.  A patent search can also reveal that the inventor’s invention has already been made or filed in the United States Patent and Trademark office, even if the invention has never been commercially available as a product for purchase.  

Product Analysis & Evaluation: 

The purpose of the evaluation is to give you some free valuable feedback as to what strengths and weaknesses your invention may have early in the process to assist you in determining your course of action before spending any more money. This service is subjective & complimentary, provided for your convenience. After a favorable search and evaluation you can begin seriously to look to how to get a patent.


If your invention idea passed scrutiny from the patent search and evaluation we feel confident to move to the next steps:

Supreme Package (Financing Available)

  • Patent Search (included)

  • Evaluation (included)

  • 3D renditions (for effective visual marketing)

  • Patent drawings & technical summary of your invention idea (prepared for your Patent Attorney or Patent Agent)

  • Sales Brochure (showcases the important information of your invention)

  • Video & video posted to the YouTube channel (for effective visual online marketing)

  • Website (for effective visual online marketing)

  • US Provisional Patent Filing (paid to and engaged directly with a Registered US Patent Attorney or Patent Agent to gain you patent protection)

  • Current industry list of relevant US manufacturers, distributors and retailers


Financing Available

Disclaimer: *Your potential patent rights may be adversely affected by any attempt to commercialize your idea or invention before a patent application covering it is filed. Nonconfidential disclosures of your idea or invention may also trigger certain statutory deadlines for filing a patent application in the United States and would prevent you from obtaining valid patent rights in countries whose law provides that patent applications must be filed before there is a public disclosure.

This contract between you and the invention developer is regulated by law. The invention developer is not qualified or permitted to advise you whether protection of your idea or invention is available under the patent, copyright or trademark laws of the United States or any other law. This contract does not provide any patent, copyright or trademark protection for your idea or invention.

If your idea or invention is patentable, copyrightable or subject to trademark protection, or infringes an existing valid patent, copyright or trademark or a patent, copyright or trademark for which application has been made, your failure to inquire into these matters may affect your rights to your idea or invention. Innovation Development Team offers no legal advice as to whether your idea is patentable or not. Legal advice may come only from a licensed patent attorney or patent agent. Innovation Development Team offers no guarantee for licensing or monetary success through Product Analysis and Evaluation services.